Ashley Conner Editing (ACE) partners with book publishers to transform manuscripts into publish-ready masterpieces. We strive to have a positive impact on each author we collaborate with, and provide tools that can help their writing thrive. So with each project, ACE is driven to provide clients with premium-quality service and professionalism. We are passionate about the craft of editing, and love polishing content to reveal radiant gems, while maintaining each storyteller's unique voice and creative style.

Judgement at Alcatraz: A Danya Biton Novel Dave Edlund
Valiant Savage: A Peter Savage Novel Dave Edlund
The Immoralist by Nathan Senthil
Banewind MB Chapman
Family Weave by Lee Sowder
You Will be Assimilated by David P. Goldman
Essential Leadership Lessons from the Thin Blue Line by Dean Crisp
Charting a Course for American Education by Jeff Weld
Capitol of Freedom by Ken Buck
Abortion at the Crossroads by Marvin Olasky

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