Ashley Conner Editing (ACE) is a firm that partners with fiction and nonfiction publishers to transform manuscripts into publish-ready masterpieces. Whether enhancing informational or entertainment content, we strive to have a positive impact on the reading experience for all who encounter books which have gone through our editing process. So each day, ACE is driven to provide clients with premium quality service and professionalism. We are passionate about the craft of editing and love polishing content to reveal radiant gems, while maintaining each storyteller's unique voice and creative style.

How Trump is Making Black America Great Again by Horace Cooper
American Coup by Congrssman Emmanuel Cleaver II
Welfare for the Rich by Phil Harvey and Lisa Conyers
Healing Rhythms to Reset Wellness by Dr. Frank Lawlis
The Golden Viper by Sean Robins
The Kalis Experiments book 1.jpg
Memory of a Falcon by John Broughton
Alternate Purpose by Christopher Coates
Blackwing by Stephen Drake
Resolutions by Stephen Drake
Portal Shift by Laurie Woodward
The Slow Rise of Clara Daniels by Clara Daniels
The Curse (Roxanne Fosch 0.5) by Jina Bazzar
Trouble in Trondheim by Mats Vederhus
Psy Touch by A.D. McLain
Lady Shade by Ymir A. Lethe
The Halves of Us by Sydney Paige Richardson
Dead Drunk Alice J. Black
Shadows at Starlight by Alice J. Black
Meatspace by Asa Tait
Murder on the Sapphire Bay by AliceJ. Black
The Jolly Dodger by Alice J. Black
Hell at Halfingdon Asylum by Alice J. Black
Facing the Torment by Alice J.Black
Amidst The Chaos: Demon Hunter #2 by Alice J. Black
Rich Man's Daughter by Betty Mclain
The Reflections of Us by Sydney Paige Richardson
Under the Big Top by Alice J. Black
Tainted Souls: Demon Hunter #3 by Alice J. Black
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